Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Finlee and Me Product Review #1

Recently the lovely Angela of  Finlee and Me   (a totally awesome online kids store where you can buy some amazing things for kids including toys, bedroom decor, baby products and a whole lot more...)  asked if I would be interested in reviewing some of their products and writing about them here on my blog.....eeeek how exciting!!  

So I will be reviewing some products that I have chosen from their store.....the girls will be very willingly road testing them and I will write about the results here each month!

So here goes!!

Being mums of school aged children many of us have just survived the school holidays and then we were welcomed back to school with a week of rain and storms.  The kids were pretty much kept in the classroom for break times and confined to the house when home.....let's just say that cabin fever had set in!

This weekend just gone produced a bit more rain and a few more storms but thanks to Finlee and Me my sanity was saved!!!

This wooden Noughts and Crosses set is great value at only $9.95

The girls really enjoyed playing this game.....well maybe Miss 10 enjoyed it a little bit more as she won the first few games...

But it didn't take long for Miss 6 to crush Miss 10's winning streak with a win of her own....

And let's just say that she was pretty happy about that!!!

I loved the noughts and crosses because it is a classic game, all of the girls were able to join in and even hubby got in on the action and gave the girls a few games.  And it saved me a dozen or so sheets of paper that the girls usually go through!!

On top of the crazy weekend weather I had my washing machine break down....with all five girls winter uniforms needing to be washed... .panic!! Hubby tinkered with it on Sunday morning but progress was slow.  So I gathered up all of my washing and headed off to my sisters house, leaving all five girls behind with hubby who I knew would not want to be interrupted every five minutes with the girls bickering or boredom.

Again Finlee and Me came to the rescue, this time with a gorgeous Make A Match Memory Game which you can purchase for $21.95.

This is the cutest little memory game that I have ever seen!  I like to steer clear of your typical Barbie or Disney branded games so this was perfect.....I was a little excited when we unpacked it.....I mean look how cute those pictures are!!

The game has 20 wooden discs so there are 10 pairs to find.  The instructions tell you two ways to play which is great.

The first way is by turning all of the pieces face down, turning over one piece and then turning over a second to see if you find the pair or not.

Miss 6 was very good at this game!

The second way to play is by turning one of each disc face down and then putting the remaining discs face up around them.  You then elect which piece you are looking if you say 'owl' and you turn over the owl you get to keep the pair....if not it is the next persons turn and so on.

The girls loved the memory game and by all reports from hubby they played contently for quite some time...thank goodness!!

The memory game is also available in a 'zoo' edition so when your little one has mastered the 10 pairs you could combine the two sets and have a mega game of memory on your hands!!

We survived the weekend!  The girls had a great time playing both of these games and I cannot recommend highly enough that you pop over to Finlee and Me and have a browse....I'm sure you'll love their products as much as I do!  

And be sure to follow Finlee and Me on facebook and instagram too so you don't  miss a thing!!

Make sure you keep an eye out for next months product review!


  1. Finlee and me is such a sweet little store! So many things to find in there. I love the look of the noughts and crosses game. Better than wasting paper! Can't wait to see what you review next x

    1. It is a lovely store! I can definitely vouch for the noughts and crosses it is great! You'll have to pop back next month!!!

  2. Oh I used to love playing those memory games. I love wooden toys. They seem so classic and so solid. Both games are really reasonably priced - will have to keep in mind for presents for small people!

    1. I love the wooden toys too Sammie! Great place to buy all of your presents for little people!

  3. Great little items! I've kept all of my kids wooden toys over the years - just can't part with them. :)

    1. Oh that is so sweet! I love wooden toys too.

  4. These all sound fabulous. What a great way to spend your time when dealing with wet weather. I think these would be great games for any time. I love Finlee & Me. Such a great store. So many goodies!!!

    1. It definitely made the rain more bearable Jess! Finlee and Me is all kinds of awesome!!

  5. Love wooden games that are nice enough to leave out and can't be destroyed by little fingers.

  6. Oh these games are gorgeous! They would make great gifts too! :)