Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Dear Noel...

Hi Noel,

Don't you just love a letter from a random stranger....but do read on....I'm promise that I'm not totally crazy (yet)!

So you see 'Noel Fielding' has become a bit of a household name around here....our second daughter has watched a few of your comedy shows and really loves your style of humour.  Now we must watch Never Mind The Buzzcocks on a weekly basis (and clearly we are out of sync here as we just watched a Christmas special last week!!)  Often she just throws random Noel facts at us at dinner!  You see she loves comedy and loves art....common ground!

Here's the thing....you know how teenagers rarely leave their rooms and would rather be seen dead than be seen out in public with their parents....yeah well that pretty well describes our daughter.  If it weren't the need for food and toilet breaks she would probably never leave her room!  Seriously we could almost leave her behind at times if we weren't focused!!   Imagine how inconvenient going to school is for her!


Having recently discovered your comedy acts she has spent way too many hours watching them all on the internet. Then she discovered that you have some live shows coming up in Sydney and she is actually willing to leave her room, leave the house and be seen with her dad in public in order to see your show.....who knew you could do that Noel...that's like a hat trick!! 

But sadly we have not been able to get any tickets....there was only standing room left which hubby can't do because sometimes her forgets that he is 49 not 29 and he stuffed his knee kicking a soccer ball with the girls....anyways I digress! 

So I am writing to beg of you to put on another Sydney show...I'm sure we are not the only ones dying to see Noel live!! Do it for this teenager who is voluntarily willing to leave her room to see you "buzzing around, buzzing around"....please Noel!!!

Hoping another Sydney show is a real possibility!

Bye for now!

Mum Of Five Girls


  1. I've never heard of him! I'll have to google him. I love a good comedian. I'll have to check him out.

    1. haha yes google him Renee....hope you get a laugh !!!