Friday, 17 April 2015

Inspired to Write 20 Things About Me......

So when I woke up this morning I had no idea whether or not I would do a blog post, I mean there's still that kitchen cleaning to be finished from yesterday, school uniforms to organised for Monday, kids to feed...internet to peruse!!

Clearly I decided to start with internet perusal as you do!  I came across this post by Chantelle Ellem aka Fat Mum Slim.... 20 Things About Me. ...well I love to know more about bloggers that I stalk....I mean I popped over the blog for a read and thoroughly enjoyed getting to know a bit more about Chantelle!

Then I got to thinking about whether or not I could even come up with 20 things about me.....and so the procrastination....I mean challenge.....began!

Here goes....let's see how far I can get with this....20 things you may not know about me....

I am shit scared of heights.....buildings, bridges, towers....there's no discrimination here!! The one time we went to Paris of course going up the Eiffel Tower was high on the list of things to see and do.  When we got to the top I was so terrified!!  I swear the tower was moving!  I held my then three year old daughters hand so tight she may have actually squealed in pain!!

I am way short....barely 151cm to be honest {maybe more like 150cm but 151cm sounds so much better!!}  I purposely take Miss 17 to the grocery store with me if I know that there will be a chance I will need things from the high shelves!!!!

I hate bugs and spiders and flying things, oh and snakes.....yet sometimes I think how lovely it would be to live in the country lol !!!

I love love love really love it!

I could travel forever!  I love packing for holidays, arriving at new destinations, finding my way around, living out of suitcases, packing again.....I love it....perhaps I should be a gypsy!

I love the beach from an aesthetic point of view....not so much from a sand, sun and surf point of view!

I sometimes think I would like to run a 5km fun run......but given that I have never even run anywhere {well maybe once for the bus some 25 years ago}  I'm not sure how this is going to happen!

I like to be alone and I like silence......make that I love silence.  So when I am home alone I don't usually have the radio or the tv on....I just listen to the.....oh yeah....the silence!!!!

I love all things rustic, vintage, antique and shabby chic.  

I start craft projects at a much greater rate than I finish them!!  In fact I never really finish them!

I can cry at almost anything!!!!

I have no idea where our forever home should be.  You should know that stuff by this age shouldn't you??  My first choice is a castle in France....which I may have mentioned numerous times this week on various internet posts...obsessed much!

I love maiden hair ferns......but cannot get one to flourish in the spot that I want it in my house.  So I may have replaced it with a new one a few times when it has died {bit like parents do with their kids goldfish....sshhh don't telly anybody!!}

I have a very low pain threshold....I think.paper cuts hurt.....a lot!!!!!

I love Elvis, The Beatles, Beach Boys....ok there I've said it!!!  

Okay so I am really struggling now !!!!

I just adore newborn in I must hold every newborn baby that I see!!!  I love them!!  Newborn is my favourite stage....those first six weeks I love them. Haha do you get the idea!!!

I am really, really good at time wasting!!!!!

I'm a follower, not a leader.  I hate to be the first person into the theatre or cinema and having to decide where to sit!!!!

I don't swear very often....well out loud anyway {in my head might be a different story some days!!}

Woohoo!!  I made it!!!

I wear jeans way too fact I would wear them every day {okay sometimes I do!!}

That was a bit of a struggle !!  But there you there you go....20 things you might not have known about me!!   You know that as soon as I hit publish on this post I will think of a dozen better things I could have written!!!!!

I'd love to get to know you all a little better so do tell me a little something that I might not know about you...go ahead, don't be shy!!


  1. Oh someone else who doesn't know where their forever house should be. Phew. I thought I was the only one. Might have to add France to my (ever expanding) list of possibilities!!

    1. haha we can form a club Cat!!! Let me know when you find where yours is going to be!!!

  2. I love this! I felt like you were describing me as I read these.

  3. Very interesting reading this! I'm afraid of heights too so that's partially why I avoid doing roof plumbing. When we went to Paris we only went to the second tier. I didn't want to go all the way to the top!

    1. I'm definitely with you on the heights thing Rebecca!