Monday, 22 September 2014

Making Healthier Choices...Part 3

The whole energy in versus energy out thing sounds so simple.....but in reality it is a whole lot more complicated!  New habits are so hard to form!!

I am still doing okay in the coke and chocolate department...but the daily exercise department...that's a different story!

My best effort for this week was three consecutive days of exercise....nothing too strenuous...but exercise nonetheless.

I am hoping to kick start some of these school holiday days with an exercise dvd before the girls wake up and the day becomes too busy.  By night I am full of motivation for such ideas...but come morning when I am tucked up in my bed well I am not so motivated!

Hopefully I can dust off the wii fit and wii dance and have a bit of fun with the girls whilst getting some exercise too!

School holidays are always a hard time to stick to healthy as cupcakes and brownies are much more desirable than fruit smoothies....but with a fridge full of fruit I am hoping to work towards changing that perception!!!

End of year holidays are creeping closer so I really need to get my butt into gear!!!

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