Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Making Healthier Choices...part 1

Today was my first sip of coke in 21 days!  Hubby and I had planned a day out, which doesn't happen often, so I decided that I would have a coke with lunch!

Selfie at the movies...well we were the only ones there lol !!!!

I am happy to say that it wasn't all that satisfying and having a taste hasn't left me craving for more.  

Over the past 8 days I have also managed to reduce chocolate consumption.....yay me!  I went 5 days with no chocolate and then I weakened a bit on the weekend. On Saturday I had 2 squares of chocolate....which I made last forever rather than just eating so quickly that I am left wondering if I actually ate it or not!  And on Sunday I had a Freddo Frog after I did the grocery shopping.  

Chocolate I am finding a little bit harder to kick....it was consuming my thoughts pretty much every waking moment for the first few days.  Now I just have to fight the part of my brain that is very quick to suggest that I reward myself here and there with little chocolate treats!!

I even managed to lose a little weight this week...and when I say 'little' I really do mean 'little'!!  Think it was about 200 grams!!

In reducing coke and chocolate I must admit that I have probably just replaced them with lemonade and red frogs!!!  So now my aim is to find healthier substitutes....maybe water and an apple!!

Well I said I was going to take baby steps...and you can't get much smaller steps than the ones I have taken so far...but it is a teeny tiny start!!!

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