Sunday, 14 September 2014

Making Healthier Choices...Part 2

Well the past two weeks haven't seen too many good choices in the healthy department....probably due to a lack of planning and really busy weeks!

I spent three consecutive days at school one week with Father's Day gift wrapping and sorting, the next day with Miss 5's tabloid sports carnival and the next day with the Father's Day liturgy, morning tea and stall.

I managed to still go without coke during this week but cakes and chocolates crept in!

The following week Miss 5 was home for three days with conjunctivitis so I was pretty much housebound except for school drop offs....not having been organised with grocery shopping I turned to what was in the cupboard....and there was coke, chocolate and biscuits!

Even though I did have a can of coke here and there I am finding that I can have a can one day and not just fall back into having it everyday so that's a good thing.

Recently I have been seeing chocolate fudge the shops, at the markets, on tv....everywhere!!  I have been planning to try making some and this week I came across a Thermomix recipe so I decided to give it a go!

Needless to say it was delicious.....and maybe I over-indulged a little or a lot...and now I could go for a very long time with never seeing another piece of perhaps I have done myself a favour there!!

Hubby and I have been saying each week that we would do some exercise...but weeks come and weeks go and no exercise!  Well today hubby did half an hour on the exercise bike.  So now that meant that I had to do half an hour too.

Oh my gosh....that was the longest half hour....ever!  My legs felt like jelly when I got off the bike.  But then I decided to do half an hour of kettle bell exercises....I have no idea where that came from but I was impressed!

So my aim for this week is get back to no coke and no chocolate and to exercise each day...and to start making better food choices....hmmm sounds like a lot to ask when I write it down!!!!

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