Tuesday, 3 September 2013

September with Dad Down under's 365 'challenge'

Recently Dad Down Under shared the monthly challenges that he is setting for himself over the 
next year and invited anyone to come along for the ride.  You can check out his challenge here...

In need of some motivation to make some changes to my life I have decided to jump on board, possibly tweak the challenge here and there and drag the family along for the adventure!

The challenge for September is to exercise.....30 minutes of rigorous exercise 5 days a week.

Hmmm now this is a term I am not  familiar with so I had to turn to the dictionary for help ....

rigorous....extremely thorough, exhaustive
exercise...an activity requiring physical effort often carried out to sustain or improve health and fitness

Wow...put the two together and I am NOT liking the sounds of that !!!! 

But hey since I'm carrying a few extra kilos I'm pretty sure I need to get my butt moving...so once again I am jumping on board and taking the kids along for the journey....

My current exercise routine consists of walking to the fridge for chocolate.  Years ago I did join a gym but more for the use of their crèche facilities than their exercise equipment.  I have never played a sport...team or otherwise.  So this will be tough....coz I am already full of excuses!!

But luck would have it that Dad Down Under's month of exercise coincides with Shannan Ponton's 8 week challenge that I am doing which is now into week 3.  So far  I have been slow off the mark so now's time to get serious and 'harden up' as Shannan would say!

So in my days that are already full I am looking to find time to exercise  Organisation and preparation will be key....as well as a large amount of attitude change!!

One of my best options is to walk to school as many mornings as I can.  This will mean leaving home some thirty minutes earlier than when we drive so I need to have exercise gear ready the night before and I need to ensure we are all ready early to set off walking.

The girls were less than enthusiastic about this month's challenge ... they much preferred laying in bed reading (come to think of it so did I  !!) but they are on board and have decided to spend 30 minutes of an afternoon 3 days a week exercising with the help of wii dance.

I am also planning to put together a bit of a boot camp experience for Saturdays and Sundays where we can all get up to the park and set up a few stations eg push ups, sit ups, plank, jogging, etc.... that we rotate after 1 minute....this way we can get outdoors and all get involved together with no costs.....I haven't shared this wonderful news with the girls yet...surprises are good right!!?

So wish me luck and here we go.....

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