Thursday, 26 September 2013

Another Falls Victim....

**  probably would advise against reading this if you are eating your lunch  **

Well it is the first week of school holidays here .....time for trips to the movies, adventures at the park, dvd nights filled with pizza and lollies, outings with friends....

But no....not here in our little part of the world.....

Instead we are one by one falling victim to the stomach bug from hell.....

When Friday of last week rolled around exhaustion took control of my brain and I offered the girls the chance to stay home for the day  (a very rare treat but considering Miss 14 was in Japan it was slight consolation !!)  Miss 15 and Miss 12 jumped at the chance...but as expected Miss 9 wanted to go to school.  

Hubby was working locally so he dropped her off much to my pleasure.  There was no morning rush to shower and be dressed.  It was lovely.

But around 11.00 am I had a call from school that Miss 9 had vomited and was in sick bay so could I kindly pick her up.  :-(

Well when I got there Miss 9 seemed perfectly fine, in fact she wanted to go back to class, not come home!!  But rather than be frowned upon I convinced her to come home and rest up. There were no more symptoms displayed by Miss 9....she had bounced back so we attributed it to a warm day and running around after eating.

Come Monday afternoon after an exhaustive day of shopping with Miss 15, Miss 12 and Miss 9 some thirty kilometres from home we picked up Miss 4 from preschool.  Before we could complete the five minute journey home she was complaining of the need to vomit.

Another hot day and busy playing at preschool she seemed to feel a bit better after we arrived home and she settled on the lounge.  But that all changed about half an hour later as the poor thing proceeded to vomit up the entire contents of her stomach and some.  The vomiting continued for a few hours until Miss 4 was utterly exhausted.  Thankfully she is proficient at vomiting into the container!

Then the battle to keep her fluid intake to small sips instead of huge guzzles began.  And sadly each time I was distracted and she got more drink in than I permitted it would come back out within 10 minutes. It was a long night that night as she was restless and tossed and turned all night.....and I was constantly on edge thinking there might be more vomiting.

The next day thankfully the vomiting had ended but Miss 4 was a pale shadow of herself.  Most of her day was spent dozing on the lounge.  A quick trip out to pick up Miss 15 and Miss 12 from their photography workshop felt like an eternity as Miss 4 cried the whole time because every sound was giving her a headache.

Thanks to the day of napping a late night was had.  Morning came and with it came my turn to fall victim to the bug.....great!!

Somehow I managed to get Miss 15 and Miss 12 to their workshop and returned home with Miss 9 and Miss 4 in tow.  I threw myself onto the lounge and that is pretty much where I stayed for the day wallowing in self pity!!  The house was trashed (well even more than usual), the girls had to fend for themselves (thankfully the fridge was well stocked) and a request from them for lunch nearly made me puke!  The best that I could do was to put some chicken nuggets in the oven, throw them onto a plate when they were cooked and seek refuge from the smell.

It took all the strength that I could summon to get everyone into the car to pick up the older girls. 

We made it home and I made it back to my position on the lounge.  I cold now entirely relate to how Miss 4 felt the previous day when she said noise was giving her a headache.  The sound of others breathing was enough to drive me insane....though luckily the moaning and groaning emanating from my mouth was like music to my ears oh and it served as a reminder to the others to stay away!!

Hubby arrived home after a 14 hour day at work to sheer disaster.  Mess as far as they eye could see, no dinner in sight, a list of things that needed to be prepared, found or organised for the next day....and he managed it all like a trooper.....even cleaning up the vomit from Miss 12 who became the latest victim.

Seriously that was one nasty stomach bug that likes to hang around for a more than 24 hours...just to make sure you don't forget it in a hurry!!!

Hopefully week two of the school holidays will be a bit more fun !!!

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