Tuesday, 3 September 2013

2 weeks in....

So we are 2 weeks in to Shannan's 8 week challenge.....

and I had a weight loss of 200 grams.....

Again I was not 100% on track with exercise and food.... but I did manage one huge breakthrough...no chocolate (except for that one large Freddo on Friday) and no coke...now I'm pretty sure that I won't be getting any special awards from Shannan for that but considering chocolate and coke were consumed on a daily basis I am happy with that progress.

I have completed one or two of Shannan's 8 week challenges in the past and have seen some positive results myself....but I have always only given it a half-hearted attempt (really more like one eighth hearted if that's possible!!)

I have either been slow to start and therefore always behind the pace from the get go...or I have been on track at the beginning then hit a bump in the road part way through and totally veer off course.

This challenge I have once again started off slowly but I am catching up and have actually completed some of the challenges set by Shannan...which is probably a good idea coz that is the whole point of doing this really....do what Shannan tells you to!!!

Today I kinda almost jogged a little...now you may recall that running is not my thing....so I was pretty impressed with my little attempt.... I walked/jogged 1 km in 9.37 mins and then combined that with Sunday's SS to complete 5 kms....so I walked the rest and ended up completing a total of 5.70 kms in 54.39 mins.

But wait there's more....when I got home I did a 10 minute cardio workout and a 5 minute ab workout on some app that one of my daughters downloaded onto my iphone.....I am now sooo exhausted and can hardly walk...which is a good thing because all I can think about now is food but am too exhausted to walk to the kitchen!!!

Last week I attempted to improve my planning.....that is still a work in progress but it is coming along.

Last week I was also supposed to pick up the pace with my exercise and whilst that didn't happen I am making steps in the right direction now.

Again there is still room for improvement but I am feeling good...oh and I forgot to mention that my HRM needs a new battery so I don't have a calorie count for anything but I'm guessing today was like a thousand calories burnt   ;-)

Now to stay good for the rest of the week !!

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