Tuesday, 24 September 2013

4 weeks in...

This week I struggled a lot with the 'foreverness' of this whole thing.....

Whilst it is an 8 week challenge it is more than that....it has to become a way of life.... FOREVER!!

I felt like every day my head was consumed with thoughts of food from morning til night even though I had mapped out what I was going to eat the thoughts wouldn't go away !!!!!!!

I have downloaded the couch to 5K app and managed to complete day 1....it was a five minute warm up followed by 1 minute jogging, 1.5 minutes walking, 1 minute jogging, 1.5 minutes walking...repeated 6 times followed by a 5 minute cool down...but I kept walking to complete 5kms.  I found having the walk/jog broken down like this was achievable....but I need to be child free to get it done so only managed day 1...hoping to get back to it soon.

On top of that I only managed another 8 kms over the rest of the week.

Food was reasonable with even a few perfect days thrown in.

Come Sundays weigh in I knew once again that the figures wouldn't be great.  I managed a loss of 400 grams.....still it was a loss.

Til next week...

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