Saturday, 3 January 2015

I am totally loving....

I am totally loving flowy pants...

Oh my gosh, how comfortable are's like wearing your pyjamas during the day...out in public!!

Generally I am a jeans gal....I love the extra tummy control that denim gives lol !!  But just before coming on holidays I splurged and bought a pair of flowy pants....and I absolutely love them!!

They are just so soft and comfortable...and so cool on a hot day... I'm raving now!!!

Miss 6 got a pair for Christmas too and they are just so darn cute....

I think I am converted....perhaps I will add a few more pairs to my wardrobe when I get home from holidays!!

What about you...flowy pants...yay or nay??


  1. Definitely yay! I own about 20 pairs, I love them so much!

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    2. I can definitely see why you love them Dayarne...I will definitely be adding to my collection !!