Thursday, 1 January 2015

New Years Resolutions....

Summer holidays....soaking in the view and seemingly having all the time in the world!  Far away from the hustle and bustle of home life, schedules, school, work, bills, pressure. The perfect time for making new years resolutions...not!

So sitting here surrounded by peace and tranquility I have come up with the following list of resolutions for 2015...

  • create more 'me' time   {that should actual read 'create me time' because really there isn't any at the moment!!}
  • eat less chocolate   {hmmm not sure how long that will last}
  • be more patient   {I am typing this one now because already miss 6 is wearing my patience thin.....very, very thin}
  • drink less coke   {that's probably not going to happen because of the point above}
  • be more organised   {oh but where to start???????}
  • Improve our financial situation  {I do not want to be counting dollars and cents and juggling from one account to another all year!}
  • go on more family outings   {that don't cost too much money because of our financial situation!}
  • prepare healthier meals for the family  {maybe I will have to learn what kale is !!}
  • put some of the ideas in my head into practice   {I have pipe dreams of an online maybe watch this space!!}
  • declutter   {pretty sure even Peter Walsh declutterer extraordinaire would have serious coronary problems if he saw my clutter}
  • read more books   {or finish one of the 3 I started last year!}
  • exercise more   {does watching everyone at the beach jogging and swimming count??}
  • actually finish something that I started knitting or crocheting  {oh my gosh I need my  mummy!!  She always used to fix my mistakes, pick up dropped stitches, cast on and off....!!}
  • blog more   {yep sorry guys...I might bore you to death!!}

Well we all know that a lot of these resolutions won't make it past the first week of January when I return home to chaos!!  ...but hey I'll give some of them my best shot!  Now back to enjoy the view for a bit longer!!


  1. Watching everyone swimming and running at the beach made me laugh! I have similar goals for the year. I've chosen the word Embrace to guide me this year. Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

    1. Hi Di...thanks for visiting! Love the word you have chosen for this year!

  2. Haha I like your list! I need to do most of these things too, except for the finishing knitting/crocheting - I haven't started :)

    1. Hi Lisa thanks for visiting! I have so many craft projects to finish lol !!