Wednesday, 21 January 2015

I am a total B*tch!

Ask if my daughter can come over to your place for a play date and I'll have her ready before you can say....well know what I mean right?

BUT....if your daughter is coming to my place for a play...well then...I cringe!

I will mentally start counting down the minutes until you will be returning to pick her up the very second that you drop her off....whilst outwardly smiling and declaring that she can stay as long as you problem at'll be back after work, great!  {omg that's like 5 hours!!}

I know your daughter is as sweet as pie....of course you would think's just that after some 12 years of play dates my patience is wearing thin...!

"No sweetie....the girls do not have their own bedrooms....yes I realise that you have your own bedroom....aren't you lucky!"

"Yes we do only have one bathroom...yes I know that that is not many bathrooms for  seven people....yes I realise that it would be better if we had more than one bathroom"

"Oh I'm sorry you only like peanut butter sandwiches...we don't have peanut about vegemite, honey, jam, oh well"

"Ummm no you can't go out the back and play today because the grass is a bit too long....Oh what's that...oh your daddy always makes sure the grass doesn't get too isn't he just wonderful!"

Oh my gosh...still 4 hours and 57 minutes to go....

"Right yes our kitchen is a bit messy....thank you for pointing that out for me..."

"No darling, we don't have an x-box..."

"So you wouldn't just like to sit quietly and watch a dvd....are you sure about that?

"Yes I know that you don't have younger's blatantly obvious!!"

4 hours 44 minutes to go....

"Yes our house is very small....believe me I am feeling it right now!"

And on and on the day goes...

About half and hour before your expected return I will start looking out the window every minute or two.....perhaps you will be early....oh please, please....

Generally you will be running late....of course I will smile and utter that it's perfectly fine, no trouble at all...haha we didn't even realise the time.....{have I gone too far there?}

Now I start hoping that you are just going to grab your child and run....I kinda loathe those forced little chats at the end of a play date too.

After a little exchange about the latest happenings, the weather, the impending return to school, umm the tell your child that it is time to go....which is usually met by pleading from them that they are still playing...argh I hate that moment!!!

The 'five more minutes' ultimatum is usually issued at this stage!  Then eventually....some twenty minutes later....after you have issued a few reminders to your child, then a few warnings, then a few stern is time to bid farewell to this hellish playdate....until next time....whilst waving you off with a smile..vowing that we will have to do this again real soon !!

See I told you.....I'm a total b*itch!!

Is it only me that feels this way?  Please say it isn't...please. pretty please!!!


  1. So funny!
    I have to say... it really depends on the child and on the parents! But i've been doing playdate only for let's say 5 years! And i have just 2 kids. I'm so afraid of boys playdate when it will be time for them... arrrghh

    1. Yes it 's true that it depends on the child Cath. Hmm boy play dates are not something I've ever had to deal with...but I don't have a pretty image in my head lol !!

  2. I haven't had to deal with anything like this yet but you paint a horrible picture. LOL
    Thanks for linking up in The Ultimate Rabbit Hole.

    1. haha sorry Karin....maybe I'm just getting less tolerant!! Loving the Rabbit Hole by the way!

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  3. Oh my god - me too! I think it's a large family thing too. Our own kids barely need a friend over because they have each other to keep themselves entertained. When someone else's child turns up, it becomes a party. Mess, noise, mayhem and kids running totally wild. My kids are entertained yes, but at my own expense and all of my rules are ignored. I loathe playdates and will watch the clock like a prisoner. Yep, totally understand your view and no, it's not an unnatural one. I will stick to my own six thanks!

    1. thank goodness I'm not the only one lol !!!!!