Thursday, 1 August 2013

Web-free Wednesdays.......#2

So yesterday web-free Wednesday #2 rolled around.

Wednesday afternoons Miss 15's maths tutor comes so it is no coincidence that I am always in a cleaning frenzy on Wednesdays.

And yesterday was no different.  It seems that I have done a very good job raising my girls.  A very good job in raising them to not be able to see things on the floor that heaven forbid they might think to pick up rather than stepp on.  A very good job in raising them to be unable to put their clothes into their wardrobes and drawers.  A very good job in raising them to leave copious piles of mess and debris wherever they go.   A very good job in raising them to be unable to make a bed.  A very good job in raising them to be oblivious to all of the mess and disaster around them.

I can clean the house.  BUT somehow the maintaining the clean house alludes me.  It all starts off okay and then the week starts, the rushed school mornings, the even crazier school afternoons,  the after school activities  the seemingly endless afternoon teas, snacks, all gets in the way of household maintenance so each week we end up right back in the same disaster again and again and again.

Hence the reason for adopting web-free Wednesdays......the web can be so alluring.....especially when the alternative involves scrubbing toilets.  But in an attempt to create some order out of our households chaos I know that the web needs to take a back seat.

I can achieve so much more in a day when I come straight home from school drop-offs, feed Miss 4 and start the cleaning onslaught.  Yesterday was overcast so I ruled out washing but instead tidied the bathroom, washed the dishes, tidied our entrance way which so often becomes a dumping ground for everything from school bags to shoes to soccer balls etc....  Then there was  vacuuming the lounge room, cleaning kitchen benches and sweeping the floorboards.

Needless to say that school pick-ups can't come quickly enough on a Wednesday as they provide a chance to sit down while I drive to school!!

So whilst web-free Wednesdays are at this stage helping to achieve a somewhat presentable house for the tutors visit  I would love to get to the stage where it is maintained so that I can progress to sorting other rooms, clearing out piled up cupboards etc... rather than chasing my tail every week doing the same old same old.

Dare I say it....maybe I need Technology -free Tuesdays and Facebook-free Fridays too......nooooooooo !!!!!!!!

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