Wednesday, 28 August 2013

1 week in.....

So we are 1 week in to Shannan's 8 week challenge.....

and I had a weight loss of 500 grams.....

I would strongly suggest that this small loss was due to my following the program in a somewhat less than perfect manner.....   :-0

My main problem so far has been with planning and preparation so this week I am aiming to improve these areas.....I need to look at my week, organise my meals around activities, events and meetings and have snacks organised in advance to reduce the temptation to be naughty!! 
I also need to have some meals prepared in advance and frozen where possible because no matter how much I plan ahead it can all go terribly pear shaped with five children added to the equation....!!!!

I also need to pick up the slack with my exercise.  Last week was so busy time was scarce.  I did walk to and from a few of the events that I had on so that's a start....but it is a long way from my 600 calorie burn per day.

So it seems I have some room for improvement....a lot of room.......and I may need to harden up a tad too !!!

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