Thursday, 25 July 2013

Web-free Wednesdays.......#1

Okay I'll admit that sometimes (read as 'nearly every day') I spend a little too much (read as waaaayyy tooo much') time on the internet.

It kinda just happens.....I log on for a check of my emails and a quick Facebook update and then one link leads to another and I am transported away from my world of cleaning, washing, sorting, hanging, folding, scrubbing, a world of craft, baking, photography.....a world that is so hard to escape......and each click takes me deeper into this world of pictures and stories......

Before I know it an hour (read as 'two to three hours') has passed and my motivation level for returning to my world and tackling my chores is at an all time low (read as 'non-existent').

So I guess it is no wonder that I live in a constant state of disarray and disorganisation.  Upcoming visits from family and friends mean hours (read as 'days') of cleaning just to let them in the door and exclaim 'oh excuse the mess' when really I am thinking 'OMG if you'd seen this place yesterday...'

Too many hours are spent looking for things that have become buried under copious piles of papers.    Too much stress results from said hours of looking for things!!

So in an attempt to better use my time, to better organise my life and house and in an attempt to get some systems in place.....Wednesdays shall hereby be known as 'WEB-FREE WEDNESDAYS' checking of emails, no quick Facebook checks, no hours lost in cyber-space....!!

These hours will instead by devoted to sorting out my household!

Yesterday was my Web-free Wednesday #1 and it was much needed after two weeks of being sick and letting house and life become even more chaotic.

So yesterday went a bit like this..........

2 loads of towels washed, hung, dried and actually put away (yay me!)
3 loads of clothes washed, hung, dried, distributed to appropriate persons to be put away
1 load of pots and pans soaked, eventually scrubbed, wiped and put away
2 loads of dishes from the last few days washed, dried and put away
Lounge room vacuumed....after first picking up lego, barbies, clothes and shoes
Shower sprayed with exit mould
Toilet cleaned
Toilet floor mopped...twice.....because Miss 4 insisted upon 'helping'
Bathroom basins scrubbed to remove two weeks worth of toothpaste and spit (yuk!!)
Bathroom cabinet cleaned and items put back in so they don't actually fall out when you open the door
Bathroom mirrors cleaned
Bathroom floor swept and mopped
Tiles around the bottom of the wall cleaned.
Bathroom door cleaned of millions of little finger prints and of a few artistic crayon creations
Exit mould rinsed from shower....hmmm may have to repeat that process again another day 
Mince defrosted
Kitchen benches wiped....well more like 'scrubbing' to remove pancake mix left to dry solidly by the girls about 3 days ago
Meatballs prepared

2pm rolled around and I was exhausted.....surfing the internet is a lot less physical than power cleaning !!

Well I am pleased with the results of my first Web-free Wednesday and if I keep going at the pace I went at yesterday I might actually have a clean house for Christmas this year...5 months to go and counting !!!

Tune in for next weeks Web-free Wednesday to see what exciting chores I tackle then !!!

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