Thursday, 22 August 2013

One thing led to another..and before I knew it...

Last Friday I waited with increasing anticipation for the arrival of my Woolworths online grocery order.

The reason that I was hugely excited was that I had ordered 1 kilo of green crystal bay prawns on sale....yay me!!  I was hoping that the groceries would arrive in time for these delicious prawns to be turned into our evening meal.

At 3.30pm I hear the delivery truck arrive and I have to hold myself back from racing to the front door and greeting the delivery guy with an exuberance that would possibly leave him scared for his life!

I greeted him calmly, took charge of my groceries and raced inside to find my delicious prawns.  Not in this bag, nor this one, not in these 10 bags either....perhaps in my haste I left a bag at the front door...I retraced my steps but no bags have been left anywhere.  Panic started to set in....real panic!!!!

I checked the invoice and I have been charged for the prawns so they must be here...again I retraced my steps, conducted a search of the house....still no prawns.... devastation !!!  

A call to Woolworths and the issue was sorted with a refund on the way.....but now I have no dinner.  After dreaming of prawns wrapped in bacon cooked on the barbeque how can I possibly settle for bangers and mash or meat pies???

Well hubby arrived home and it was not long before he asked the seemingly harmless question....'What's for dinner?'

Knowing his love of prawns I relayed the story of the prawns on sale that had somehow missed being included in our order which were to become prawns wrapped in bacon.  With the seed sown of such a delicious dinner he offered to head to the shops to see what he could find...victory!!

Hubby returned with a kilo of crystal bay prawns and the wrapping of prawns began!!  At this point it came to my realisation that it has been quite some time since we had made this recipe and the recipe book was not where it was meant to be.  With hunger levels increasing we just decided to throw it together from memory....some tomato sauce, a bit of Worcestershire sauce and a dash of Tabasco...sounds about right...wrap them in bacon....

A quick marinade and off to the barbeque.  We whipped up a side of rice and some vegies and sat back to enjoy the prawns.  The proportions of our sauce may have been slightly off from the original recipe but they tasted superb anyway!!

Following that meal the eldest three girls started the 40 hour famine.  This just left Miss 9 and Miss 4 to feed for the majority of the weekend.

Saturday night rolled around and the topic of dinner once again reared its head.  Hubby reminded me that we had enough left over prawns for the two of us to enjoy.  

I remembered a bargain purchase of 2 pieces of scotch fillet steak for 50% off a few weeks before.  And so with a quick cheese sauce a version of surf and turn was created.  

Divine!!!!  We did eat it out of sight of the girls on the famine and Miss 9 and Miss 4 were more happy with chicken nuggets....really they were!

Sunday turned into a busy day and once again pre-planning dinner was neglected.  Now we'd have all the girls back on deck with the famine competed.  A check of the fridge revealed some left over cheese sauce from the night before and some left over bacon from breakfast.  A search of the freezer revealed puff pastry and some chicken breast.  A quick grill of the chicken and re-heat of the sauce.  Shape the puff pastry into muffin tins add the cheese sauce, chicken and bacon (it was my intention to add celery, carrot and leek but miss 15 announced that she had youth group in half an hour!!)  and since I didn't have time to fashion tops for the pies I quickly pinched the puff pastry closed gave them a quick egg wash and popped the 'pies' in the oven.

One thing led to another and before I knew it.... we had a weekend of delicious meals which all flowed on from that initial desire for prawns wrapped in bacon....yum!

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