Friday, 9 October 2015

Come Wrap With Me - Jamberry Nails

I'm not going to lie, a week ago I had never even heard of Jamberry Nails or nail wraps....and now I am an Independent Consultant for Jamberry.......woah crazy I know but all it took was one free sample to have me hooked!!

I'm not a go and get a manicure kinda gal because well time and money!!  I sometimes dabble with nail polish at home and yeah well the result is not always pretty and I am usually reaching for the nail polish remover within an hour because there are chips or smudges!

But then the Jamberry nail wrap arrived in the mail and I thought what the heck I'll give it a go.  Essentially it is a heat activated film that you apply to your nail....with fab results!

I watched the instructional video and basically all I had to do was cut the wrap in half, heat it with the hair dryer, apply, heat again and apply pressure....seriously less than a minute and I had done 2 nails and was feeling pretty proud of myself!!  (I only did 2 nails as that's what one wrap covers).  In fact I have shown everyone that I have crossed paths with in the past 72 hours.  

I have washed the dishes a dozen times, organised bathing and showering, washed and hung too many loads of washing, I even mowed the front lawn...and the wrap is surviving the perils of everyday life like a still looks as good as when it was first applied!

There are heaps of other advantages to Jamberry nail wraps.  For starters they are non toxic and they are not tested on animals.  They are latex free, don't chip and there is no drying time!!  They are sooo easy to apply and there are sooo many designs to choose from!

If you are keen to learn more you can pop over and join my launch party on is going to be totally awesome with fun and games, prizes and freebies....and you can enjoy it all from home in your pj's!!  Check it out here.

You can also pop over to my website to place orders, host a party or join my team!  You can check it out here.

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  1. I think you're going to nail this, Veronica! I'm so happy that you've joined the team! Let's pump up the jam!

  2. I've seeing Jamberry everywhere! And geez they really do look amazing, easy and fool-proof! What a great idea where you can do it at home but it looks like you've been to a nail bar. Love them! Thanks for linking up to #reviewroundup

  3. Love Jamberry wraps! I have mermaid tail finger nails at the moment.

  4. I just posted on these too! Sounds like you got the hang of it a lot quicker than me - I found them a bit fiddly to apply at first and mine didn't go on that neatly. Love the gorgeous designs, though. Seriously cute!