Saturday, 10 October 2015

10 in 10 Photography Circle - October

So this month I am suffering from a severe case of FOMO.....fear of missing out!!

The 10th of October has snuck up on me quite unexpectedly and I had nothing prepared for the photography circle  but I totally didn't want to miss out so here are 10 pics I've downloaded from my iPhone with no editing at all from last weekend when Miss 16 returned from a 3 week exchange program in Japan.

Gotta admit that as much as we can't wait to see Miss 16 leaving home at 5.20am kinda sucks.....and my windscreen needs a good clean!!

Woohoo after waiting over an hour for the girls to collect their luggage Miss 16 is home!!!

And Miss 6 is glad to see her....well at least until she hands out the presents!!

Random pic!

Ugh unpacking sucks...well except for the pressie part, that's pretty good!!

Can you see where Miss 16's priorities lay....get as much food out of Japan as possible!!

Cute as!

Send the gal to Disney Sea and yes she comes home with a huge Minnie Mouse hat!

Stopped off at The Grounds of Alexandria after leaving the airport.....because coffee was needed!!  Saw this awesome wall and was being all totally hip and cool trying to get an awesome pic of the girls altogether....

but these are what I got lol !!!!

So there you have my pics for this month!!  It is so good to have Miss 16 home again!!

Be sure to pop over and check out Michelle's awesome pics for October over at  Gee You're Brave and then work your way around the circle back to me!


  1. What a lovely family you have!! Looks like your big girl had a blast! Love the food and Minnie Mouse hat. It definitely gives you a peek into the mind of a 16 year old. ha ha. I can't help but wonder how you coped with having your baby overseas though. :) I really enjoyed these photos. xo

  2. Oh I LOVE that moment when travellers arrive back home and reunite with their families - always makes me a bit teary. What an awesome adventure your daughter has been on and how lovely was she to bring back presents for her family. Had to laugh at all the food - total teenager packing. You have a lovely family of girls Veronica. The 10th always comes around too quickly for me too!!

  3. such a sweet photo of miss 6 and miss 16! Hope Miss 16 enjoyed her exchange, it must have been a great experience!

  4. A brilliant opportunity for your girl, I hope mine have the opportunity to do similar down the track!! x

  5. What a great experience! Captured this day well through your pics. Love those last two pics.

  6. Wow, Great presents and goodies!!! I would love to see Japan! So which is the one who wants to come for a visit in France? xx cathy