Sunday, 7 December 2014

3 weeks til Christmas

This quote is so me right now....I am freaking out!!!!

In less than three weeks we will be heading off on holidays and in three weeks it will be Christmas day!!

So to date Christmas shopping is incomplete, packing for holidays is not started, house is out of control and each day is filled with extra activities....panic stations!!!

This week though I did focus on putting together a hamper for St Vincent De Paul to distribute to the needy this Christmas.

I struggled with what to put in the hamper as all I knew was that it was for a family of at least 4 people...I did not know ages, gender, number of children etc...  

I wanted to hamper to be a little bit special rather than just full of $2 shop tinsel and decorations so I rummaged through my fabric stash and found some Christmas prints. I decided to make a bunting with this so then they would have something to keep from year to year.

I had also purchased yarn and other bits and bobs once upon a time to knit a wreath for our front door....I decided to knit the wreath for the family instead.  And yes I hope you are sitting down because I actually did finish it!!

Two craft projects finished within one week...a record I would say!!

Not quite a craft project...but still worthy of a mention...I also made Christmas cookies in a jar from The Organised Housewife for the hamper...I thought that perhaps it would give the family a fun activity to do together in the lead up to Christmas day.

I was glad that I was able to include the homemade items in the hamper to give it a more personal touch. 

I wanted to include items that could bring the family some fun so I included the Upwords board game and a packet of Uno as I figured both of these covered a reasonable age range and they were gender neutral.  I also included a frisbee...great for fun in the backyard!

I popped in some hand cream and bath bombs as well as a pretty little bird candle that I found at a local shop.

Then I filled the rest with food items such as biscuits, pringles, lollies etc... to hopefully make their Christmas day special. 

I really hope that this hamper brings a bit of Christmas joy to the family that it goes to.  It was really nice to focus on those who have less than we do at Christmas and to try and make their Christmas a little bit better.

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