Friday, 15 August 2014

Wiped Out....

The last few weeks have been exhausting!  With school, sport, training, after school activities, doctors appointments, specialists appointments....oh and the blocked toilet to top it all off!!!

Today I am totally wiped out!  

I don't have anywhere that I have to be today (well except remembering to pick the girls up from school this afternoon!!)...

I don't have anything that I have to do today (hmm that is if you exclude all of the cleaning etc...but hey it will still be there tomorrow!!)

I have contemplated watching a movie, or making a trip to Spotlight, even going back to bed....

Next week is crazy busy so I have decided not to feel guilty if I do absolutely nothing today! I'm not sure what I will do....but I can tell you that it will probably feel like one of the quickest days ever!!!

Oh and I can tell you that having written up my monthly planner for August and having meal planned for this week have definitely helped keep things on track when there would otherwise have been chaos!!  And putting $50 in petrol in the car on Monday has saved so many trips to the petrol station !!!  Tiny steps in the right direction.

And for some crazy reason I decided amongst all of this to give up drinking coke this week...a step towards a healthier me....and to be honest there will never be an ideal time to cut down so this was probably as good a time as 5 of no coke...which essentially means no caffeine and no sugar as I don't drink tea or coffee!!!

Right then off I go to do feels so weird !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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