Monday, 18 August 2014

The Perfect Weekend....

By about Wednesday or Thursday of last week I began dreaming about the perfect weekend.  

We were down to only 1 sporting activity and that was Miss 10's netball semi final which was at 9am Saturday by 10am Saturday we would be sport free....!!

Hubby was not working...huge bonus!!

So I let my mind race with ideas of a family outing...I even had access to a free family pass to The One Fine Baby Fair in was looking good!!

I was excited by the prospect of a fun family weekend for the first time since winter sport started.....not that dragging sleeping kids out of bed to drive up the mountains to be at soccer at 8.30am on a wintry Sunday morning isn't fun !!!

But then reality struck and I was informed that Miss 16 had to be at school from 10am til 3pm on Saturday to work on a design and tech project, Miss 13 had to be at school from 2pm til 4pm on Sunday to rehearse for this weeks violin concert, Miss 10 got invited for a sleepover on Saturday night, Miss 15 wanted to go to her friends house on Sunday to do their maths homework....

On top of all of that it rained most of the weekend and we have a very, very blocked toilet (waiting for the plumber to come back and dig out pipes this week!!).

Well at least I was able to sneak out to a local market on Saturday before the rain came. And I baked cupcakes on Sunday.  So not all bad I guess.

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