Thursday, 7 August 2014

"one shoe two shoe red shoe blue shoe..."

Well in this case it was one shoe, two shoe, pink shoe, purple shoe....

This morning started the same as every other....repeatedly telling the older girls to get out of bed or they would miss the bus, whipping up some toast for their breakfast, sneaking in for a quick shower once I was convinced that they were out of bed....and eventually they made it to the bus stop on, or so I thought!!

Then I moved on to Miss 10, hoping to leave miss 5 sleeping as she had been sick yesterday and I was planning to let her stay home again today....

But Miss 5 whom I have to poke and prod and beg and bribe to get out of bed on a weekday was today awake of her own accord.....not a win!

So eventually Miss 10 was up, dressed etc... and then she was walking around the house with that all too familiar look....the one where you know they have lost something that is essential for getting to school....

And today the essential item was her shoe....!!!

She had found one runner in the bathroom and was wandering the house looking for the second one.  She looked through the lounge room, under her bed...I'm pretty sure she was even gazing towards the ceiling at some stage...but all to no avail.....the second runner was not to be found!

Given that she had just worn these exact runners to netball training last night I could not fathom how they could be lost only 12 hours later....she may have been told once or twice that if she had put them in her room then she would know where they were.

As the clock ticked at triple speed as it always seems to do on a school morning I started to look for the shoe myself.  First stop bathroom where Miss 10 found the first shoe....and what do I find???

One runner....but sadly it is a runner belonging to Miss 15.  A bit more looking around the bathroom and I am yet to find Miss 10's missing runner....but I am also yet to find the second of Miss 15's runners.....and then the realization......oh no!!!!

Miss 15 has taken runners to school for PE and in her enthusiasm (haha) to get to school she has mistakenly picked up one of her runners and one of Miss 10's....eeeek!!!!

They are both white but one has pink trim and the other has purple trim.  I look at the two shoes and consider the possibility of Miss 10 just wearing them as a pair to school....start a new trend perhaps!!  But.....

they are both left feet....oh my gosh!!!!

By now time was not on our side and we had to get to Miss 10 had to rummage around and find some runners belonging to another of her sisters....thank goodness they have similar sized feet!!

After dropping Miss 10 to primary school I had to take Miss 15's remaining runner to her high school so she could do PE later in the there I am handing over a plastic bag to the school office which clearly contains only ONE shoe....I was like..."sorry it could only happen in my family!!!!"

So finally problem solved....well apart from the fact that Miss 10 is at school wearing Miss 13's Nike runners that she paid for herself :-(

Oh and in all the fuss Miss 10 forgot to pack her lunch and of course only realized when we arrived at school so I had to return to her school office with her lunch. probably could only happen at our house!!!

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