Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The Best Bad Luck!!!!

On Boxing Day last year we headed off for a two week family holiday up the coast.  We had scoured the internet and booked a little house on a lagoon which was just a short walk to the beach as well...perfect!!

Family holidays have been few and far between in recent years so we were more than excited.  (I totally love holidays!!!!!)

Although we did manage a bit of down time here and there on the holiday, keeping watch of and keeping up with five children is pretty exhausting in itself!  So at the end of the holiday hubby and I discussed returning to the same place at the end of this year but extending our stay to three weeks....hoping to get a bit more relaxing in this time!!

When I contacted the home owner in April he informed me that they had already taken a booking on the house for part of the time that we wanted.  No!!! I was devastated!!  And in disbelief that somebody was already booking an end of year holiday even earlier than I was!!!

Not one to be beaten I just figured that if I had found one holiday house that I could find another!  

Well...okay that proved a lot harder than I originally thought when my budget was taken into account!

The house that we had stayed in was very basic and in original condition and thankfully they charged accordingly which was great for us!

Phone calls and emails soon highlighted the fact that the other holiday houses on the lagoon were being rented out for more than double, some more than triple, what this house was going for and there was no way that we could afford that.

Eventually I stumbled upon another house, this one beach front, that was also in original condition and thankfully being rented out at a reasonable figure (well as reasonable as 100m from the beach can get!!)  

But....of course there has to be a but!!!  The beach house was only available for some of the dates that we wanted to stay!

Amazingly though it wasn't all bad luck!!  It actually works out that we can get our three weeks week at the beach house where we will celebrate Christmas and Boxing Day and enjoy all that the beach has to offer...

Our view for the first week!!!!!!

...then we will pack up and move about three minutes down the road to our trusty lagoon house to spend the next two weeks enjoying windsurfing, fishing and all the other good stuff the lagoon has to offer as well as sparklers and toasted marshmallow on New Years Eve!!

Our view for the second and third week!!!

Now I might just make these pictures the wallpaper on my phone so I can see them every day and get through the next four months will all of its school activities, dance concerts, drama performances, Christmas functions etc.. etc... etc...

Let the countdown begin!!!

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