Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Betty Saves The Day....

Somewhere along the way this is how we have come to celebrate certain birthdays with our girls.....

1st....celebrated with family and number 1 cake  
5th.... the girls were allowed to invite a few preschool friends to a party at home which was followed by a get together with family with a fairy toadstool cake
8th....this became the next birthday that the girls could invite friends to and it was a party at home with games and pizza and pinatas
9th....this is celebrated with a watch as the gift and a specially made cake from The Woman's Weekly Kids' Birthday Cakes collection
10th....the girls are allowed to get their ears pierced if they so choose
11th....celebrated with a camera as the gift
13th....the beginning of the teenage years!!  The girls can invite a select few friends for a horse-riding party.  
And we are not quite there yet but I am thinking sweet sixteen will be celebrated by the seven of us going out to a special restaurant and maybe a special cake
So then I should just have eighteenths and twenty-firsts to look forward to!

Now the above has been working fine....the only hiccup is when I don't remember what celebration comes with what birthday!!

So when Miss 8 became Miss 9 last week I set off to purchase a watch and have it engraved.....very pleased with myself!  Though there was the little niggle in the back of my mind that something was missing........

Well finally I realised the missing element was the special cake.  I also realised that my Woman's Weekly Kids Birthday Cakes recipe books had gone AWOL as well.

With time running out....and having the flu as well.....I turned to Google for some much needed assistance.....and there it was....my saviour....Betty Crocker.

Complete with video tutorial, printout templates and simple to follow instructions I was on my way to creating a butterfly masterpiece!

Whilst it may not have been perfect upon close inspection.....it brought a smile to Miss 9's face...and it produces oooh's and aaaah's from her siblings...that's a result in my book!

It was as simple as making a round cake....cutting it into 4 pieces as shown below ......then assembling those pieces to form the butterfly shape.  I whipped up some frosting which kept looking more and more grey the more I tried to make it look purple!!  The frosting was then applied to the cake....decorations added and voila....a butterfly is born !!

Now to gear up for a 5th and a 16th in a few months time !!!!!!


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