Saturday, 20 July 2013

That Wasn't on the To Do List....

I have been a tad sick this past week......yes trust me to get sick at the tail end of the school holidays.....the end where uniforms need to be sorted again, lunches prepared, homework finalised...add to that my mother-in-law's 80th , my daughters 9th (picture making 30+ cup cakes when all you'd rather do is crawl under your doona and hide), hubby going away for work...

So it really was time today to try to tackle some of the rapidly accumulating washing, the mountain of dirty dishes, pay some bills and put away the grocery delivery (in love with on-line grocery shopping at the moment!!)...and that was just for starters!!!

But thanks to a not very well hidden bag that contained a pom-pom making kit  Miss 4 insisted that we make pop-poms.....great!

So it is now washing has been done, the dishes are still dirty , bills remain unpaid,  I managed to put the cold items in the fridge from the groceries....huge achievement....oh and I managed to find the bag that contained chocolate and eat copious amounts of that....but other than that eeeek!!

So now I have to set off to pick up the girls with my only achievement of the day being  that I have made pom-poms!

Though I must say that thanks to the pom-pom kit from Klutz it was foolproof to make pom-poms.....even I could do it !!!!

All we had to do was wrap our wool around the rainbows as Miss 4 called them.....technical term is pom-pom maker....but we will stick with rainbows !

Do this with both sets of rainbows then join your rainbows to form a circle, snip the wool along the groove, tie a strand of wool around your cirlce, double knot it...

remove the rainbows and voila...!!!  A pom-pom!!.....

or a bunny rabbit tail......

Easy peasy!!  then we moved on to pom-pom monsters!!

The kit from Klutz is great.....the pom-poms are easy to make.  We found it a bit hard to fashion some of the pony tails and hair styles...and gluing on the shoes, eyes etc.. can be a bit tricky....or I could have just been losing mummy patience lol !!  But overall this was a great little investment that comes with 5 different colour wools, heaps of bows and eyes and lots of bits and pieces for decorating and the rainbows can be used over and over to create pom-poms forever !!!  There's even a comb to comb your monsters hair!  The recommendation is for ages 8 and up which would probably be accurate for them to make the pom-poms by themselves....but Miss 4 loved helping to wind the wool and to decorate the pom-poms so 4 and over if you are willing to do some of the creating would be my suggestion.


This would definitely be a great stocking filler.....seriously time to start shopping with Christmas only 5 months away !!

I have no idea why my photos are all sideways....they are right way round when I edited them etc.. but now they are being today you get sideways photos !!!

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