Monday, 23 November 2015

Christmas Gift Guide - 7 year old girls

With less than 5 weeks til Christmas I have had the girls writing up their Christmas lists with the hope that I can get through the shopping and wrapping over the next few weeks and avoid the usual Christmas Eve all-nighter!!

Miss 7 basically grabbed her birthday list, crossed off what she got and renamed it her Christmas list!  Then she re-wrote it, added a few things, coloured it in, fluffed about some more and here's a few of the things from her list as it stands at the moment....

(1)   A handball ....that sounds do-able....wait what...a handball with eyes and mouth

Okay so I've googled here and googled there with no success but there are some pretty cool handballs at Toy R Us if your little one isn't as pedantic as mine!

(2)    King Bob Pop Figure   ............... I don't even know what this means!!!!

This time Google was my friend!!  And eBay has plenty of these in stock!!

(3)  Shopkins....well actually that is 'more' Shopkins as she received her first lot for her birthday...and my suggestion to you is that if you buy Shopkins you buy a container for them to live in or else their home could very easily be the vacuum cleaner...they are so tiny!!

So apparently there is Series 1, Series 2 and Series 3...I'm still trying to figure out what exactly they even are!!

But the one good thing is that you can find them pretty much everywhere!!!

I kinda like this icecream van set...yum icecream!!  And you can get it at Big W so easy peasy!

So maybe there's a few helpful ideas for you there if you have a Miss 7 in your life!

Next week I'll let you know what Miss 11 wants for Christmas so check back then!!

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  1. I am so out of touch, I've never even seen a Shopkins, although that ice cream van does look pretty yum! If you go to the Myer Giftorium, you can book a (free) appointment with a Giftician who will help you find all your gifts in a one stop shop... Not enabling, just sayin'!