Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Christmas Gift Guide - 11 and 14 year old girls

So last post I gave you an insight into what Miss 7 would like for Christmas....if you missed it you can check it out here.

This week I am sharing what Miss 11 would like for Christmas and that's pretty easy because the only thing on her list is a watch....but oh no, not just any watch to tell the time with , hell no!!  She wants a Baby-G watch...what the heck...Google here I come again!

Okay so luckily I was sitting down for my first search because the prices coming up were totally WTF......seriously  $269 and above.....for a watch......so she can tell the time.....when she doesn't even have anywhere she needs to be...!!!

We tried a bit of gentle persuasion, you know the kind where you tell her that there is no way on earth that we, ahem I mean Santa, is gunna go for that.

So she took to google herself and presented us with a list of links to places that we could get the watch that she liked at a better price.

Eventually hubby and I decided that if that is all that she wants from Santa then it's better than getting 10-12 things just that will just clutter up our diminishing space even more.  

So Ebay it was!!  And the watch will be here next week for well under $269, in fact for half of that....so she might still get that handball that she has been wanting too!!

If you are thinking of buying a Baby-G watch for anybody this Christmas be sure to check out www.cocomi.com.au for huge savings on some of their watches...and make sure you get the code to get $10 off your first order.

Now let's move on to Miss 14.  Now you don't get a traditional handwritten list with a Miss 14....oh no!  Here's what you get....

Pinterest boards....yes a whole set of Pinterest boards that she then makes you follow from your account!!!

Take a look at them here!!

But wait, there's more!  You might even get an email with links to all of the things she wants as well!!  Like all of these clothes....listed in order of preference...OMG!!!!


Total -$47 
Order most to least needed 
Good value 
Good price 

So there you go....Christmas list of the 14 year old!!!

It's probably time that I actually pop over and check out those pinterst boards...after all it is only 2 and a half weeks til Christmas.....eeeek!!!!!

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  1. I actually love it when my tween and teen write a list including internet links. It really makes Christmas shopping for them so much more hassle free!

  2. Ha ha! I have a 14 year old as well and yes, a nice long list of very specific things! Gotta love them. x

  3. I remember my friends having Baby G watches when I was a teen! I had no idea they were still a thing!

  4. Wow wow wow! Love that watch! I would totally be getting that if I was a tween :) #teamIBOT