Thursday, 2 July 2015

Air Wick Silhouette Candles...Amazing!

sponsored post for Air Wick

Recently I was contacted to review some Air wick I love candles so it was an instant 'yes please' from me.

I might get a bit too excited when a parcel arrives at my front when the candles arrived I opened them up straight away. 

The first thing that I noticed was the very pleasant and not overpowering like some candles. I received Amber Mandarin Glow and French Vanilla Romance and loved them both.

The second thing that I noticed were the silhouettes on the glass jars...they are the sweetest scenes, just lovely and tranquil to look at.

Now as if the fragrance and the silhouettes were not enough when you light the candles you get an amazing colour changing effect which makes these candles a real feature in your home.

My girls came home from school and loved the candles fact they tried to claim them for their respective bedrooms....but I won out and the candles have pride of place in the lounge room and the dining room.  Everybody who has come over while the candles are lit has been totally mesmerized by them!

I love having scented candles burning throughout the house on a regular basis and reed diffusers work really well to freshen up our tiny bathroom. Be sure to check out the great range at Air Wick and  I'm sure you will find a product and a fragrance to suit you.

Do you love scented candles in your home?  What is your favourite fragrance?


  1. Ooohhh these look delicious!!! I love the fragrances and the colours! I'm sure these would be a hit in our household too and my daughter would be taking them all into her room! Thanks for sharing such a great review

    1. They are absolutely lovely!! Thanks for popping by Raj!

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