Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Your Kids Will Catch the Travel Bug with Lonely Planet Kids

Brought to you by Nuffnang and Lonely Planet

It is nearing 8 years since hubby and I ventured overseas, the first time for each of us, and the first time for our then four daughters aged 10, 8, 6 and 3.

Everyone that we told gave us that look.....the only like we must be totally crazy for planning to take 4 children to the other side of the world...and in winter!!

But this was our once in a lifetime trip and we were going to make it happen.  The Lonely Planet guides became like my bible as I researched the crap out of every place that we intended to go!!

Our bags were finally packed and off we went!  We visited where hubby's ancestors came from in England, we went to the Christmas markets in Germany, spent Christmas in the Swiss Alps, saw the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy, ate crepes in France and finished off our four weeks with Hong Kong Disney.  It was a whirlwind trip, we were on the go most of the time with our longest stay anywhere being one week but we returned home with our bags full of souvenirs and our eyes opened up to the world beyond Australia.

From that trip the girls have developed a love of travel.  Miss 17 is hoping to take a gap year after the HSC and travel Europe and Miss 16 is about to embark on her second trip to Japan this September so I see a lot of Lonely Planet travel guides in our future!!

While the younger girls are too young to be jet setting off anywhere for the foreseeable future they can catch the travel bug through the Lonely Planet Kids range which includes books, aps, website and facebook and twitter pages.

Now if you've done your maths you'll realise that Miss 6 was not a part of that 'once in a lifetime' family holiday (hence the reason the photos aren't on display lol !!)  so now is our chance to share the world with her from the comfort of our lounge room with the Lonely Planet Kids Adventures in Famous Places Sticker and Activity Book (rrp $12.99)

This book captured her attention right from the beginning with its bright colours and wonderful illustrations...and the stickers...she loved the stickers!!!  We had adventures in the United Kingdom, Japan, Dubai and Canada to name a few.

Miss 11 was taken with the Lonely Planet Kids Amazing World Atlas  (rrp $29.99).  I can see this coming in handy for the many school projects that lie ahead of us.  The atlas is filled with more than just the usual boring maps, it is full of pictures and quirky facts which meant that she learnt a lot.

And thanks to the Lonely Planet Travel With Children (rrp $29.99) I can while away the hours planning a new 'once in a lifetime' trip to include Miss 6!!!!  This book is a wealth of information about traveling with children...from immunizations to health and hygiene it has you covered. It is written by a team of parent-authors  and covers more than 80 countries around the world!

To find out more about how Lonely Planet Kids can kick start the travel bug and open your children's eyes to the world around them you can visit the websitefacebook page or twitter.

I think a love of travel is a wonderful thing to have and I am glad that my girls are developing it too!

The above books were given to me for the purpose of this review but the opinions stated are my own.

Have you travelled with your children?  What are some of the places you have 
been with them that you and they have loved?


  1. Those books are great aren't they. We took the girls to England 2 years ago and we had a ball, their favourite place so far has been Fiji though. I think our travel coming up will be exploring more of Australia.

  2. Traveling Australia would be amazing Vicki!