Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Our Finances Suck Part 8 - 7 Ways Teens Can Make Money


If your teenagers are anything like mine they start to become a bit expensive with outings, cars, further education etc.. yet there isn't always the time or means for them to get a part time job outside of the home to fund these things themselves.  This post is aimed at Miss 16 who has been chosen as part of a student exchange program to go to Japan later this year!

So today I have asked Kylie Travers for some help in putting together a list of ways that teens can make some money.

Kylie is the author or 365 Ways To Make Money, an award winning blogger, international speaker and CEO of Occasio Enterprises a social media marketing, strategy and training company.

Here is Kylie's list of 7 ways teenagers can make money....

As a teen, I was very keen to make money. In fact, when I was 13 I worked out a list of ways I could make money because I wanted to buy a house. My dad wouldn’t let me, but it didn’t stop me from looking for ways to make money then and now I have the sort of mind that can see ways to make money everywhere.

As a teen, there are many ways you can make money from the usual ones you have probably heard of through to things that only this generation have been able to do.

1.) The usual suspects
Things like baby sitting, lawn mowing, cleaning, cleaning ovens or wheelie bins, gardening, garage sales, dog walking, pet sitting, tutoring, ironing, a catalogue or newspaper run or even washing cars for friends and family.
These are all the sort of things your parents probably did to make extra money and they can all still be done today.

2.) Social media
Teens can make money by reviewing things on social media, creating a blog to monetise or creating a significant following on Instagram, twitter, Facebook, Snapchat or whichever platform you relate to the most. Once you have established a following there are many ways you can advertise on it such as paid reviews, sponsored mentions, attending events and sponsorship packages.

3.) Work part time
That’s right, get a regular job. You might think fast food or retail is beneath you, but in reality, they teach you a variety of skills, there is the opportunity for extra training and the experience of working in a hard and fast environment is great for life in general.

4.) Make stuff to sell
A good example of this is my 6 year old nephew. He creates key chains he sells on Etsy and it hasn’t taken him long to save for an iPad. You can make digital things people can print such as invitations or motivational sayings, create jewellery or anything that you have an interest in creating can be sold either online or at markets.

5.) fiverr.com
Fiverr is a website you can offer to do anything for $5. Create a graphic, do a shout out on social media, write an article. Whatever it is you are happy to exchange your time for to earn $5, can be done on fiverr.

6.) Mystery Shopping
Mystery shopping sounds easy, but there is a little involved. You sign up to a company then apply for jobs as they come out. If you get accepted you go do the shop, come home and do a survey then get reimbursed. It can take a couple of hours and sometimes it might only be a free pizza you get, other times it can be a few hundred or even free flights.

7.) Market research
Market research usually involves trying a product and giving your opinion or doing an interview via Skype about your opinion on something or going in with a group of people to discuss a topic or new product or an experience you have had so they can use your answers to create campaigns or get funding for something the company is working on.
It is usually 1 - 3 hours and pay varies but is usually quite worth it. It is not a regular income

Sit down, look at what you are interested in doing, have a search online to see what you can do in your area and think about what will work for you. There is a lot of opportunity out there to make money. What have you tried?

I really want to thank Kylie for taking the time to contribute to my blog and my financial series.  

I have bought and read Kylie's book and can honestly say that it contains some great ideas for making money....I highly recommend it.  You can purchase it via Amazon simply by clicking on the 'shop now' button below or just the image.

You can also follow Kylie on Facebook or on her blog....I strongly recommend that you pop over and follow her....she is a wealth of great financial information and more.

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  1. My eldest is 12, so I'll be needing this kind of info in the next few years.
    Also I had no idea what Fiverr actually was, so it's good to know!

  2. Great ideas, I wish I had this post when I was a teenager:-) Thanks for linking with #TeamIBOT

  3. I've shared this list with my teenage son!

    I've heard a lot about fiver in the past but I never knew what it was. Now I do.

    1. I hadn't even heard of fiver so you are way ahead of me!!!

  4. This is something I'll store away for future reference. As a kid/teen I was always trying to find ways to make money, it's a good habit to learn, to work hard!

    1. It is definitely creating good habits to get them thinking of ways to make money from a young age

  5. Great advice! The skills I learnt in my first jobs still serve me well today (customer service, dealing with complaints, etc) so important for teens to learn these things! Xx

  6. There's lots of great options these days for teens to make money and encouraging them to get entrepreneurial. I think it's great!

    1. There seem to be so many more options these days....especially with things that they can do from home too!!

  7. I am all for going out and getting a job at 14 years and 9 months (if that is still the age). Those first jobs served me well and I think help create my foundation for customer service and professionalism.

  8. There's a lot of good to be said for teens going out and getting a job isn't there Karin!