Wednesday, 6 May 2015

The Foods We Eat...

Today's prompt for blog every day in May is....

Day 6.....Foods We Eat..... Do you menu plan, or fly by the seat of your pants each day? Do you eat the same foods over and over, or try new foods regularly?

Haha not a good prompt for me today!!  Dinner for us tonight comprised of McDonalds because hubby is away for work, I have a headache and spent way too many hours at school helping with the Mother's Day wrapping, the fridge is a bit on the empty side! 

I menu plan for a day or two each week then lose the plot!!  I really do need to get  on top of it because I waste too much time at the grocery store and spend too much money each visit.

I'm not very good at trying new things....I have an amazing ability to know that I don''t like certain foods just by the mere mention of them and sometimes by the sight of them!!  I think I'm worse than some two year olds !!  But I know that we need to try new things and that it starts with me {hence why it hasn't started!!}

I'd love to be more package free and additive free....something to strive towards I suppose!

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  1. It took until my kids were in their late teens, but we have finally reached the point of being fast food free! Good luck.

  2. we rarely eat takeaway, with hubby eating on the road most of the week he wants good food when he's home, and when he's not here I don't really want to pick it up because it means dragging everybody with me.

    1. takeaway is usually reserved for birthdays here...too expensive otherwise!