Monday, 4 May 2015

Say Hello to Monday.....

So today's prompt for the blog every day in May challenge is....

Day 4....Say Hello to Mondays...

The idea behind it is to change the focus of your week, to put yourself in a more positive mindset, to embrace the week ahead. A great time to plan the week ahead, make your list of things to do or a list of things you are grateful for....

Okay so I'll be the first to admit that when Monday comes around I'm a bit more like ......  

There's not a spring in my step or joyful cheer in my voice!  The weekend has come and gone way too quickly and I am going to take that out on Monday!!

I wasn't sure today was going to be any different.....I had three teenage girls to get up and ready for school photo day and Miss 10 and Miss 6 to get up and off to school.

During the week I have a whole heap of stuff that is going on in my head with overdue bills, not enough money to pay said overdue bills, worrying about whether there is enough money in the bank to cover direct debits, wondering how I can stretch the money we have to last the week etc. etc.. etc...... I goes around and around in my head all day all week....but on Friday night I seem to be able to turn it off and take a break for the weekend.  But when I wake up on Monday morning it all starts again!!

So today I decided to try to embrace Monday!!

Instead of laying in bed repeatedly pressing the snooze button which in actual fact just makes me get up later and grumpier I {almost} leapt out of bed.

The motivation of photo day saw the older three get out of bed more easily than usual and even Miss 10 and Miss 6 were getting ready ahead of time.

That's when I made a big call.....we were going to walk to primary school!!!!

It is only about 1km and takes roughly 15-20 minutes with Miss 10 and Miss 6 but somehow each morning we end up jumping in the car with three minutes until the bell rings, blood pressure rising as we rush, rush, rush!

But today we set out {although I was going to claim that it was too cloudy at the last minute!} and walked to school.  

It was a huge change from the mad rush.  It was calm, we took our time. There was no {ahem} yelling, screaming, bickering.  There was just time to take deep breaths of the fresh morning air.

Miss 6 even had time to collect some treasures along the way that she entrusted me to take home and mind.

So I hope this week to walk to school more often, continue blogging every day in May, book that doctors appointment for Miss 14 and the specialists appointment for Miss 6.

I think the secret to my to do lists for the week is to not write everything that I have to do but to focus on say 4-5 essential things, anything else that gets done after that is a bonus!!

You know, maybe I owe Mondays an apology....coz they kinda aren't all that bad if you come at them the right way.

Linking up with Cate over at Life Behind The Purple Door for blog every day in May.

How do you like you love them or loathe them?


  1. Walking to school is a great way to start the week!

    1. It sure is Cate...and sets a lovely mood for the day...

  2. Nice! Reminds me that we should walk to school more too.

    My Monday was lovely because I stayed home and worked instead of going to work - sounds odd but it was good :)

    1. Glad you had a great day working not at work lol !!

  3. Amazing the difference a walk in the fresh air can make, hope you manage it a few more times again this week!