Thursday, 13 March 2014

The lesson for today....

This morning, like most other school mornings, was the usual rush, rush, rush....'hurry up and finish your cereal'....'have you brushed your teeth yet'....'we'll be late if you don't get dressed now'.....

Despite my nagging miss 5 continued to fluff one stage she was emptying her money box onto her bed.....heavens knows we don't have time for a cash flow analysis in the mornings so I hurried her along....but for a few more minutes she continued to sort her money...

With a few more reminders of the time and our need to hurry up we finally made it out the door with not much time to spare.

Once in the car and backing out the driveway miss 5 piped up that she had forgotten something in the house.  With time not on our side I admit to being less than happy with this news and told her that wherever it was would have to remain forgotten.  I knew she had her lunch and her library was not like she needs anything else.  

Driving along she insisted that she needed her money that was on her bed.  I still could not fathom why she would need money.  The only thing she needs money for at school is ice block day and that is tomorrow (at least I'm pretty sure it's tomorrow).  

I was getting more than a little annoyed when we arrived at school and she insisted that she needed a gold coin.  With only minutes til the bell was to ring I was rummaging around in the centre console of the car lucky to find a sticky old $2 coin which I handed to miss 5 in the hope that this would get her moving to the school grounds.

Well it was then that miss 5 decided to divulge that the money was for the poor people who have no money....she was going to put it in the Project Compassion box in her classroom.  

Well that was my lesson for the day....compassion.  It would serve me well in future to take a moment to actually see what is going on in the mornings rather than rushing everyone through the motions.

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