Wednesday, 19 March 2014

An Attempted Sleep-in.......

With three of the girls still sick today I only had two to get off to school this morning. Somewhere during the process it occurred to me that if I could get them out the door quietly enough there would be a chance for me to crawl back into bed.... eeek that would be heaven!!!
When miss 5 woke at 6am I thought this plan was doomed...but thankfully it was still dark enough for her to promptly fall asleep again.

The morning was filled with whispers, sshh-ing and tippy-toeing.  As the minutes ticked down until it was time for the girls to leave my excitement grew as the other three were still sound asleep.

Out the door the girls went and still dressed in my pj's I watched them walk to the bus stop together.

Woo-hoo time to sneak back into bed....!!  I came back inside and as I turned to close the front door the next door neigbours lawn mowing man pulled up and swiftly started whipper snippering, lawn mowing and leaf blowing.

Undeterred I climbed back into bed....covered my head with the doona and tried to block out the noise.  Thankfully they only have the front lawn to mow and it wasn't too long before they were done and silence returned.  

As I was just about to doze off Kikah, our mischievous kitten, decided to ricochet her bouncy ball off every surface in the house...from chairs to walls to jingled all over the house and she raced around after it. Thankfully her game came to an end when the ball was lost under the lounge....and I won't be telling anyone where it is when they look for it!!

Silence once again returned and I dozed off.  This time I was woken by a beeping sound....a few reminders of what the day held before my plans changed with sick children.  I found the phone and turned it to silent!

After another snooze I was woken up by miss 5 asking if it was a school day....she was saddened to find out that she was staying home today to rest.

So my cheeky mid week sleep in may have involved less actual sleep than I had anticipated but it sure was good to be able to lie in bed and wake up feeling a bit more rested than usual.  Counting down to the school holidays now!!!!

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