Thursday, 13 February 2014

The Best Laid Plans....

Last night miss 5 laid out everything that she needed for school today.....and I mean everything....socks, undies, school uniform, hat ,lunch box, cooler bag, water bottle and even her library book and library bag....absolutely everything...totally adorable.

I should have known then that we would have a totally crap morning!!!!!!

Today we had tantrums, yelling ,tears, more yelling....and basically that was just me !!! 

Miss 5 has always been a the rest of the world she appears as a sweet and adorable angelic child.   And don't get me wrong....that she is....but she can also be the most difficult little person to deal with....though she reserves this for me!!

Some days it can start from the time that she gets up....every little thing throughout the day...wrong cup, not those shoes, doesn't want hair up - upon arrival at destination - wants hair up, wanted crusts left on sandwich, will only drink apple juice today because we  have orange, orange and mango, apple and blackcurrant, multi vitamin - but no none of these will suffice.

Then there's when we have to go out....wants to put own seatbelt on, left something in the house, wants to wear blue shorts but doesn't own blue shorts, wants everything she sees at the shops, won't go in pram but also won't walk....

Then there is when I need to leave the house without her...heaven forbid....when she was younger she would stand at the door  and cry til I got back, she has progressed through various stages since then....with the current one being that she has to wave to me from the front verandah....with 5 kisses, 5 high fives, 5 hugs...then 1 extra kiss, 1 extra high five, 1 extra hug...followed by promises that I will call's no wonder that I stopped even leaving the house for a time there!

By the end of the day....which is generally later than every other 5 year olds day by the time I go through the particular rituals that she decides upon.....I am one drained mummy.  Add to that 4 other children with their own requests and demands...and one sweet hubby who is too scared at the end of the day to make any requested or demands!!!!!!

The scariest thing is every now and then I get little flash backs to when I was young and I think I see a little bit of myself in there sometimes....I bet my mum is up there in heaven looking down on me thinking......payback!!!!!!!

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