Friday, 28 February 2014

A Few Home Truths....

I think it's time for a few home truths my dear children....

You know when we are at the shops and you want to buy something hideous or something expensive and I say 'maybe next time' or 'perhaps for your birthday' well that probably isn't going to happen....I am just going to hope that you forget...

You know when it is a really hot day and thankfully it is ice block day at school....chances are I will forget to give you money those days....sorry...I'll call that one character building.

You know how you gave me the note saying it will be mufti day...well I I did read it, briefly, then filed it along with the other 100 notes I have to act chances are you will be dropped off in full school uniform instead of casual clothes....what can I least you'll stand out in the crowd.

You know when I say 'your friend can sleep over when your room is tidy' ...sorry to say that the chances of that sleepover ever eventuating are well....unlikely!!

I love how you get so excited about school library day...your face beams when you change your book for another one....well it will when we eventually find that lost one and you are allowed to borrow again...until then sweetie, sorry!

I know that you asked ever so nicely if you could go to the movies with that sweet boy from youth group....but chances are that that will never happen if your father has anything to say about it!!

It is indeed wonderful how all of your friends have iPhones,  iPods,  iPads ...but you my dear are blessed with 4 sisters!

I don't know any other way of explaining it...3 bedrooms divided by 7 people doesn't go....therefore the chances of you having your own bedroom this century.....less than zero!  Yes I know it is sooooo unfair.... apparently that's what I'm here for...dishing out unfair!

What can I say...the truth hurts!!  But hey, we love you !!!

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