Sunday, 23 February 2014

Going Once....Going Twice

I think I may have actually squealed with excitement when a few weeks ago I noticed that  Tin Monkey auctions were holding a 'pop up' auction close enough to home that we could actually go along and check it out!!

I love all things vintage, rustic, antique, kitsch, retro....!!  Thankfully hubby has similar tastes and interests so was keen to go as well.

So on Saturday we went along to the viewing of the items and it was like I was in heaven! We spent a good hour browsing with the girls and I  loved it all and came home with a long, long list of items that I adored.

Thankfully I awoke on Sunday morning with a bit more rationale and was able to choose my favourite few items from the list that I hoped to win at auction and off we went.....

The place was buzzing with atmosphere when we arrived.  This was the first auction that I had ever attended so I was in awe of the pace, the banter, the entertainment value and thoroughly enjoyed the whole event....even if the vintage trestle table and vintage metal chairs went for more money than I could ever have imagined!!

Thankfully we didn't leave empty handed and were lucky enough to win an ex-NSW railway luggage shelf that hubby and I had wanted and also a 1954 brass and copper fire extinguisher that was a spur of the moment bid!  We also came away with a box full of rare vintage magic tricks just for fun with the girls!

So a great day was was fast paced, it was mesmerising and it was entertaining.  Looking forward to my next auction experience....and purchase!!  Think I'm hooked !!!

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