Friday, 26 April 2013

Half Marathon Girl...

Ok so it seems I'm not the full distance Movie Marathon fact I struggled to be a half marathon girl in our epic Wednesday night school holiday movie marathon !!

I made it to half way through the 4th which time it was 2am...yes 2am in the morning....don't think I've voluntarily seen 2am in the morning since my twenties....and let's just say they weren't yesterday !!!!

So with the youngest having crashed on her bed in the lounge room part way through the third movie hubby and I decided to pike half way through 'Vampires Suck' ....seriously ?!

The girls decided to be true Movie Marathoners and made it through 5 dvds.....with most crashing out on their temporary beds in the lounge room, some managing to crawl into their real beds....

Let's just say that my marathoners weren't the cheeriest when the youngest awoke early...refreshed and exuding an energy far too great for that time of the morning!!

Some tired faces around here....and not surprisingly an early night for everyone.

Now it should only take me a week or two to recover from that late night........

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