Friday, 28 August 2015

My Tip For Surviving Bookweek's that time of the year again!

Don't get me wrong, I have no objection to children reading fact I think it's pretty damn awesome....and it keeps them quiet for hours!!!!

But the whole dress up as your favourite book character thing....yeah well that sucks for mums, big time.

And add to that the fact that I am talking about high school literacy day, dress up as a character from a book or movie, well then it sucks even more coz suggestions like Little Red Riding Hood or Winnie the Pooh just don't cut it in high's just totally embarrassing so I'm told, with an accompanying roll of the eyes!

So when you have had more than your fair share of high school literacy days and you are just totally over it here is my easy peasy tip to surviving yet another one....

Let your kids convince you that their normal clothes are actually a costume!  They will usually even provide photographic evidence to support their claim.

And voila, just like that you will have literacy day sorted.

The cargo pants that Miss 16 needs to take to Japan double as Hiro from Big Hero 6

The ripped boyfriend jeans that Miss 14 adores and fuddy duddy me hates teamed with a black t-shirt and you have Wayne from Wayne's time, excellent!!  

So how easy is this my friends!!!  

Okay, so nobody will know who they are dressed as, teachers will accuse them of just being in mufti and they won't be in the running for any best dressed prizes......but hey they got their new pants and they're happy, I had minimal involvement and I am's a bit of a win win don't you think !!

Oh but don't be feeling too cocky just yet coz chances are that there will be one teen for whom good old ordinary clothes just won't do for literacy day....oh no!!!

She and her group of friends will have some wild idea about what they are going to dress up as.  Tomorrow they will change their minds.  The next day they will change their minds back again!

So be prepared that with very short notice this teen will triumphantly announce that her group has finally agreed......they will be dressing up as various Dr Seuss characters but no, no, no....not Sally from Cat in A Hat in her pretty blue pinafore or Cindy Lou Who from How the Grinch Stole Christmas in her dainty pink dress....oh no!  We are talking Cat in A Hat, Thing 1 and Thing 2, Sam I Am.....yes Sam I Am people.

And so here is how you deal with making a Sam I Am costume with minimal expense and a even less enthusiasm!!

Firstly you head to the fabric shop with no real plan in place.  You see fluffy yellow fabric so grab a metre or two. You praise the heavens when you see a felt red hat in the party dress ups section.  And you grab some random stuff to formulate green eggs and ham.

Sticking with the no real plan in place philosophy you start to construct the costume. Having minimal sewing skills at best you need to keep this simple!!  

I got a dress that Miss 17 wears and laid it on the fabric.

I traced around the dress with a bit of leeway for a seam allowance.  Given that nobody in the house could find a tape measure I decided to wing it!  Once you're done cut out your fabric.

Once you've cut out the fabric pin your front and back together and start sewing!  I may have sewn over the seams twice......because I totally have no confidence in my sewing ability.....and because a costume malfunction....well embarrassing much !!!!

Cut the bottom of the costume to resemble a jagged edge and you're done!

Well done that is except Sam I Am isn't really Sam I Am without his green eggs and ham now is he!  For this I enlisted the help of a wonderful blog who had step by step instructions that even I could understand!!  Thank you Its Always Autumn !!

Because I don't know how to sew sleeves I opted for a sleeveless costume....Miss 17 on the other hand wanted sleeves....the compromise....a pair of yellow leg warmers worn as sleeves.....pretty sad hey!!   But there you have it....Sam I Am with minimal expense and minimal effort....seriously you don't want to look at the workmanship up close!!!

So there you have my easy peasy tips for surviving literacy day.  Stay tuned though because next week I have primary school dress ups for Book Week for Miss 11 and Miss 6.....ugh when will it end!!!!

Are you a fan of the book week dress ups?  Can we no longer be friends because you started work on the kids costumes months ago lol !!!!!


  1. I am such a lazy mum - just the thought of having to make a costume for book week makes me tired! I'm all for the kids having the same clothes as characters - SOOOO much easier!

    1. Haha yes the mere thought is exhausting!!! Clothes for costumes is a total winner!!

  2. I wouldn't call that lazy arse at all. Thats a pretty damn good effort in my book. Well done! Xx

  3. Yeah, that's actually pretty crafty in my book (pun intended). What is it with Book Week? I saw all the costumes on FB and instagram this week and was seriously blown away. My kids are with their Dad at the moment (and go to high school) and they went as Captain America (son) and the Karate Kid (daughter). And while I initially had a judgy moment and thought those weren't exactly literary characters, I had to admire both their Dad's genius (easy costumes) and my kid's initiative in going as something they were into. I would have worked myself into a stressed-out mess trying to come up with something 'perfect' when the kids were probably happiest going dressed as they did. Not judging the parents who did the perfect costumes though - I admire them greatly. It's just changed since when I was a kit when Mum would stick a pointy hat on my head and say: 'There. You can be a witch or something.' Great job on the costume ideas. x

    1. I admire those parents too Bronnie but yes Book Week has come a long way hasn't it!!!
      Sounds like your ex did okay though...and you were saved the stress!!

  4. Those three costumes are original and I think certainly not lazy. They are fantastic!! This house is a big fan of Big Hero 6 so the Hiro costume is the winner for us.

    1. Half the time I don't even know the characters the girls are talking about lol !!!!

  5. Love the plain clothes ones, very clever! I'm a bit over all the boring facebook posts about book week! Let's move on. Holidays next!

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  7. So grateful our school didn't go in for book week as I can't sew at all! Some cunning ideas there though

  8. Oh I always used to be amazed at the costumes during Book Week when I was teaching. One of my favourite ones was a boy who dressed up in a square box painted yellow as Sponge Bob Square Pants. It was so simple but looked great!