Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Losing my Mind!!!

I'm pretty sure that Miss 14 has soccer photos this weekend...just not sure of the time or the location.

I think Miss 13 and Miss 9's netball photos are coming up...I remember reading that they are on a Wednesday night....just not sure which Wednesday that is.

I definitely know that there is a mini dance concert coming up....mid June....being held local....just have to find out what Miss 5 is supposed to wear, how her hair is supposed to be done, what date rehearsals are and I must remember to go online and buy tickets...

Miss 13 has two violin concerts in June.  I am yet to remember the dates and venues but I know that I need to buy tickets.

Miss 16 has two school excursions coming up and for one of them she needs to take the digital camera.  Now where is the charger for that?

Miss 9 makes her First Holy Communion in about three weeks.  We have to attend weekly sessions, a Church tour and a rehearsal.  Also need to find somewhere to buy a dress, jacket and shoes that won't cost a fortune.

It is Miss 14's birthday in less than two weeks.  Need to buy her some gifts and will need to tidy up before the in-laws come over to have dinner for her birthday.

Don't remind me that I still have one or two tax returns to catch up on.

I am reasonably sure that I paid the last electricity bill....well kinda, sorta sure.

Miss 5 should be doing readers and sight words daily....mummy fail on that one big time!!

Yesterday I was sitting at a red light at a busy intersection watching the other cars driving at speed, some one turned right from the wrong lane, another braked at the last minute.  It was all a blur it was all happening so fast.  It was crazy!

It was exactly like what is constantly going on in my head and my life at the moment...chaos!!

There is too much to do, not enough time.  Constantly more and more things being added to the schedule and the to do list.  

With two of the girls playing netball on Saturdays and two playing soccer on Sundays weekends are no longer a chance to  enjoy bacon and egg breakfasts and lazy days they are just all consumed with activities and school preparations for the following week.

Seriously I cannot believe that it will be June by the end of this week.

I need to write myself some to do lists, I need to structure my days a a whole lot  more, I need to work smarter and plan better.

I am planning to be housebound for June (well apart from going to all of those concerts and sports games....oh and the school mass!!) that I can try to get some order into this chaos................before I go completely mad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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