Friday, 23 May 2014

Change of Heart....

Do you know that feeling when you find out you are pregnant with your next baby before the memories of the last long and arduous labour have faded?

Well that was how I felt this week when I saw the recent television advertisement for the newest lot of stickers to collect at Woolworths. Instantly the memories of the still too recent animal card collection came back...and I was too strongly reminded of the whole ordeal...trying to collect the whole series, the pain of trying to find an album, oh and not to mention the 'f bomb' hiding in the find a word was still all too fresh in my memory so I tuned out to the television commercial adamant that I was not interested.

The next day I find myself at Woolworths and when I was lined up at the checkout I caught a glimpse of the Jamie's Garden albums....oh my gosh I had to have it...well 2 in fact!  This is a quality book, hard covered and spiral bound...I loved it!  So there and then I had a change of heart...!!

Inside it is full of vibrant images...each page just grabs you!  There are details on how to grow your own herbs, fun facts about veggies, great recipes with easy to follow instructions, there are even games to play.  There is so much information I was amazed.  
And I love the fact that everything has been well thought out...for example if you cut out the cards to play the memory game the back of the page has been left free of information so you don't lose any great content!

The stickers come with a number printed on then which corresponds with where to stick them in your book.  Miss 5 has loved doing this on her own and it is simple enough for her to do it easily.  Her favourite so far is the scratch and sniff pineapple sticker!

I honestly love the whole concept and the product. Miss 5 has even taken this as her news today!  And I have sent messages to everyone I know whose children are either too old or too young for this collection and have asked them to collect stickers for us!

Miss 5 is not a good eater and hasn't been for the past 2 years or so, so I am hoping that a little something might rub off on her from being part of this fun and informative collection.

If you haven't got yours yet be sure to check it out when you are at Woolworths next (which is probably almost daily if you are anything like me!!).  By the way this is in no way a sponsored's just ramblings from a crazy mum who loves the Jamie's garden collection and had to share !!!

Hope you like it too !

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