Thursday, 10 April 2014


Today I turned forty-four.

This was the age that my mum turned a few days after giving birth to me via emergency c-section all those years ago.  In fact her 44th birthday was probably spent still being in the hospital with caesarian births usually seeing the mum in hospital for up to 10 days back then.

Already having four children aged 19, 17, 13 and 8 it was clear to say that I was an unexpected surprise for my parents.

I cannot imagine having to go back to sleepless nights and nappy changes after all those years.  

Looking back I was probably a clingy mummy's girl....and with my youngest having been one of these since birth I now sympathise with my poor mum!!!

I remember growing up with so many people thinking my parents were in fact my grandparents.  My childhood also felt a little like that of an only child as most of my siblings had married and moved out of home before I was eight or so.

When I fell pregnant at 38 I was a tad horrified that my youngest would hear the same comments about hubby and I as I did about my parents. And to tell you the truth the last five years have been exhausting what with financial troubles, raising a clingy baby and keeping up with the other four....some days I feel old enough to be the grandma!!

So it might be time to check out some secrets of staying search for the fountain of youth.......before the big 5-0 rolls around!!!!

By the way.....I am typing this on my new ipad.....well technically it is hubby's old ipad that he stuck in a new cover and gave to me for my birthday.....but hey, I'm happy with that!!!!

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