Thursday, 3 October 2013

6 weeks in.....

Well week one of the school holidays arrived....and with it came a stomach bug that hit hard.

Miss 9 was the first but luckily for her she was only out of action for a day.  Miss 4 was next and she was hit a bit harder.  She took about 48 hours to get over it.  Having nursed her through it I was next in line!  I was completely out of action for 48 hours and was still off food for another day or so.  Miss 12 was the last victim but she recovered after about 12 hours.

So that week saw no exercise and no attention to eating.

I did have a weight loss of 700 grams on the scales on Sunday but that was purely from being sick.

It was disappointing but to look on the positives I am lucky it was the school holidays so I had less running around to do and could take a couple of days to get better.

Moving on from here...will see what next week holds....


  1. Stomach bugs are nasty, my daughter was very sick with one last week too. I always think when I lose weight after being sick, that at least something good came out of being sick! ;)

    1. Hope your daughter is feeling better now too Cecilia. I like to focus on the weight loss too....even if it seems to be temporary !!!