Tuesday, 10 May 2016

10 on 10 Photography Circle - May

For this months 10 on 10 photography circle project I am posting a few quick snaps from Mother's Day!

So Mother's Day didn't start with a sleep in or breakfast in bed....oh no it started with a 9am soccer game instead which meant grabbing breakfast on the run....

That 9am soccer game was followed by a 10.40am soccer game so lunch was grabbed from the canteen....

It's sounding pretty special so far right!!

We rushed home from soccer, the girls had quick showers and we set off to see Miss 16's drawings that were on display at the Art Exhibition in Camden....

Miss 16 was commended for this piece of artwork which was a great achievement....

After the art exhibition the troops were getting hungry so we went for a walk down the main street and came across this fantastic cafe called Split Diner.  I am a huge lover of all things 50's and 60's so it was the perfect stop for Mother's Day.....

And the food was amazing....

Camden has some quite amazing buildings and some lovely scenery, especially in autumn.

Then it was home for pressies....and the usual Sunday night prep for the week ahead.
Hubby is working away this week so this is the survival hamper that he and the girls put together for me.....haha he knows me well...copious amounts of chocolate and snacks with a can or two of coke thrown in!

I know I have a bit of a random number of photos there...but hey!!

I hope you all had a special Mother's Day too!

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  1. Oh please say a big bravo to miss 16! She is amazing!!! Tell her when she is ready to illustrate a book for kids we could work together! xx cathy

  2. What an action packed Mother's Day! That diner looks so cute - what a find. One thing is for sure, your peeps know how to pack a hamper! Enjoy! x

  3. Oh awesome!! Quite the little artist you have there. I'm a sucker for 50s and 60s diners, I love them so much. What a jam packed day you lucky Mum you xx Chocolate and coke oh my!! ;)

  4. Your Mother's Day reminds me of a post I saw recently that talks about how every day is mother's day - the work never stops ;) I love that diner you found, and your daughter is incredibly talented! Your family is quite thoughtful with that hamper. I could use one of those to get through the next 9 days of school ;)

  5. Your daughter is incredibly talented! I was away at a conference on the weekend so no sleep in or breakfast in bed for me either. Both my kids were working Sunday anyways so we caught up that night :-)

    Visiting from #teamIBOT x

  6. Wow that artwork is amazing. What talent! Soccer games should be banned on mothers day. Dont ya think! ;)

  7. What a clever girl you have Veronica! Sorry to see that you didn't get a sleep in for Mother's Day though.