Tuesday, 9 February 2016

The End Of An Era

Back to school 2016 marks the end of an era for me.....it is the last time I will be sending all five girls back to school because this year Miss 18 will finish school..!!!

Actually I've had a slight 'reprieve' in this department because Miss 18 technically should have finished school at the end of last year but since she undertook the HSC via the 'pathways' program due to suffering from migraines so she will complete it this year instead.

So this back to school comes with mixed emotions!  

There's the usual cheering (from me!!) but also a little bit of sadness that things are about to change....but more so there is excitement at the boundless opportunities that lie ahead for Miss 18 at the end of this year.

She wants to work and save and travel and study and go to uni and.......!!

So here's to a year of change.....the end of one era and the start of a new one!! 

For those of you not familiar with the pathways program it is basically a program that enables students to study year 12 over more than one year...Miss 18 chose 2 years but you can choose up to 5 years!  It has many advantages in that you have less workload so can focus on the subjects that you are doing, it means less stress and less to catch up on when she does miss school through migraines.  Not necessarily a disadvantage but it did take a little bit of settling in when she had to return to school this year, with this years year 12's.  She had to make new friends etc..  It also means a bit more running around for me because some days she only has one or two lessons and since buses don't run to her school frequently I am dropping her off or picking her up more often than usual!  But overall it is a program that I would definitely recommend!

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  1. You will find this year will absolutely fly past, before you know it, the formal and graduation will be here. What a great idea to do schooling this way. I had glandular fever in Year 12 and missed a lot of school so it would have been ideal for me to finish my schooling.

    Visiting from #teamIBOT x

  2. How exciting for her! And heart-in-mouth for you - suddenly your oldest is closer to being a woman than a girl. I can't even imagine (thankfully I've got over 14 years before I have that to worry about!) I hadn't heard of the pathway program before, but it's a great idea. Pity about the transport situation though!

  3. it will be over before you know it, and the next stage will start. enjoy having them all at home while you can.

  4. This is my last year too! Miss WW is now in Year 12 and yes, formal dress discussions have happened around the dinner table a LOT already and their formal is not until November.

  5. As you're starting leave we've only just begun!! haha! I shall come to you for tips! Lucky my boys are just 1 year difference at school so the school process wont be too long. I'm not looking forward to boarding school though ;( xx

  6. The pathways program sounds great. There's so many more options for young people these days. Sorry to hear about her migraines. The poor thing.

  7. Wow! That will be a big change.
    That's great that she can do year 12 over a couple of years. I had a friend in school who did that because he had glandular fever. It was very helpful for him.

  8. Don't worry - with four more girls still in the system, your school days aren't going to be over for a while yet! That pathways programme sounds so awesome - hope Miss 18 enjoys her school swansong! Here's to a happy academic year for all FIVE girls!