Friday, 1 January 2016

Your Best Year Ever by Kelly Exeter - Book Review

This morning I stumbled upon an eBook....Your Best Year Ever by Kelly Exeter.

Given that it is 1st January, a brand new year full of hope and possibility then the timing seemed perfect.

I downloaded the book onto my iPhone and read it whilst the girls were playing nicely together....which is indication in itself that it is a quick and easy read!

From the beginning of the book it was just like chatting with a friend.  The book is personal and Kelly touches on her own experiences of depression, of being overwhelmed with family and business, of trying to change bad habits etc..

The book features 7 chapters which outline 7 ways/steps to change your thinking.

There were quite a few a-ha moments when reading the book with a few of  my favourite quotes being these...

"The people who achieve the most aren't the ones with the most time of their hands, but the ones who waste the least of the time available to them"

"...something that enables us to be happy no matter what situation we find ourselves in"

"The beautiful thing about habits is once you create them, they're easy to maintain"

"Tried it.  Didn't work.  What's next?"

For the low cost of  $3.99 and for the fact that it is quick and easy to read I would definitely recommend Your Best Year Ever.....and the timing is perfect if you want a positive start to the new year  with simple and sound advice that you can act upon straight away.

2016 could well just be my best year ever....and yours too!!


  1. Hey Veronica - thank you! What a lovely set of words to wake up to today. I really hope 2016 is your best ever. I have a feeling it will be!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Kelly! I love that somehow your book found me yesterday and here's to a fab 2016!!

  2. Nice review Veronica. I'm going to check it out.