Friday, 4 July 2014

Who Am I ???

Seems an easy enough question but it is really one that I struggle to answer.

I can fill you in on details like I was the youngest of 5 children....clearly a little 'oops' given the age differences between myself and my siblings.  I was raised in a Catholic family and attended both Catholic primary and high school.

I was quite studious, very shy, and always well behaved.  

I was the first in my family to go to university...I went more so because I had a lack of direction rather than those that go because they know exactly what career they want and this is the path to get there.

I read the list of uni courses and then re-read it....eliminated everything mathematical or science related, crossed out those that required drama or theatrical performances...and there I was left with the humanities. 

Uni was a mix of so many people and a lot of fun!   I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Psychology and haven't really used it to this day!

Took an office job in North Sydney in a claims department.  Some of the best people to work with!  Transferred to another department of the company in the city and was involved in organising training courses, running company orientations etc...  Liked the work but didn't really like the office politics.

Met my now hubby and we had moved in together after a few months.  He started his own business and I left work to do all the admin side of things.

We got married...nine months later we had a baby...a girl lol !!

Added another 4 daughters to the mix.  Never cared if they were boys or girls.

Sometimes I have thought of going back to study....but had no idea what I would study.
I thought about school counsellor but you have to study teaching first.  Feel too old to go through all of that!

Started this blog for a little 'me' space and enjoy it. 

Recently I started to look for ideas of things to blog about and found list upon list of ideas...which just managed to reaffirm that I still don't know who I am!!!

Some of the ideas were to write about your passion.....ummm do I have one?  I'm not sure??Or to write a how-to post....oh crap not sure what I could do that others can't already do better! Share a secret...something you've never told anybody....sadly I don't think I even have a secret!

I have thought long and hard over the past few weeks.....I like craft, I am hopeless at making decisions, I love chocolate, I prefer winter to summer........

So there you have it....seems I am a fence sitting, creatively challenged, introverted wanna be blogger sipping hot chocolate in ugg boots and trackie dacks............nice to meet you!!!

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