Monday, 18 November 2013

Week 4 gone.....but 500 grams came back!

Week four came along....and with it came the end of three weeks of planning two birthday parties....the mad rush to get everything done by the party deadline was now gone and the refrigerator was filled with party leftovers from top to bottom.

Three weeks of burning the candle at both ends meant one tired mummy who ate whatever she could find and did zero exercise.  Subsequently 500 grams all honesty I am lucky it was only 500 grams.

Hoping to get my act together again this week!


  1. I had a terrible weekend away in Sydney so am swiftly kicking my butt back into gear this week and will have a perfect diet and exercise regime but predict there will be a gain at the end of the week

    1. hope your kick up the butt works for you!! I think I'll have to kick myself a bit harder coz I am having trouble getting it together!